Tea Hatadi

visual artist

Silent Step – Hommage to the work of Joseph Kosuth

Silent Step – Hommage to the work of Joseph Kosuth

Kunstmuseum Thurgau 
Ittinger Museum 
Kartause Ittingen

The temporal stratification of the complex preserves mute stories, and so do the surfaces on which the visitors of the present museum walk daily. The surfaces of the wood and stone floors intrigued me when, a few steps from the entrance, I saw relief cuts that remind me of the rest of the text. Then I watched the surfaces I was walking on. I chose number seven as the number that will somehow lead me to the surface I want to record with a froth: The seventh step towards the upper sacristy, or the seventh step from the entrance. The work is a kind of homage to the work of Joseph Koshut, which has remained a permanent surface in the space of the complex.

The work consists of seven froths, and the eighth drawing is a drawing of a map of the complex on which the surfaces recorded on the drawings are positioned.