Tea Hatadi

visual artist


(Self)portrait:theHourWeKnew Nothing of Each Other

Galerija Duplex, Sarajevo, 2010.

Tea Hatadi exhibits five portraits made out of collage paper and framed in massive silver and golden frames. The portraits present the profiles of Projekt6 authors’ faces as seen in silhouettes. Each profile has its own symbolic color which reminds the author of each member of the group. In the sixth frame there is a mirror, while on a pedestal, scissors and collage paper are being offered so each observer could fashion a cutout of his own silhouette or someone else’s profile in a specific color. The works are fashioned after the profiles made by authors on the streets of metropolises–like Paris–ordered by passerbys and tourists, that is foreigners, who later on frames the profile and puts it on a wall as a souvenir, memento, art work, the work of an unknown artist and her own portrait. That silhouette of a face is not recognizable in its entirety, and can belong to some other person: from it the character of the portrayed isn’t to be read, nor the signature of its author. Tea’s work notes the momet of a mutual non recognition, but at the same time also a mement when the contact/meeting of the model and “the artist” took place – that of an unknown author with an unknown passerby.