Tea Hatadi

visual artist

A Bird

July 2012

20 Years: OeAD/KKA Artists in Residence Programme

Exhibition at VIENNAFAIR 2012

OeAD/KKA started its Artists in Residence Programme 20 years ago. From 1992 to 2012, inclusively, 248 artists from Eastern and South Eastern Europe have been guests of OeAD/KKA in Vienna.
On the occasion of this anniversary, OeAD/KKA will present the mail art project “20 Years: OeAD/KKA Artists in Residence. Launching Careers, Building Cooperation” at VIENNAFAIR 2012. All of KKA’s former Artists in Residence were invited to participate in this project, and the response was impressive: 113 “postcard greetings” from 25 countries of Eastern and South Eastern Europe will be exhibited. An accompanying exhibition catalogue is being published.