Tea Hatadi

visual artist


Five Years of Hate and Devotion


Galerija SC, Zagreb, 2011.

(…)”In her work, as a term of reference Tea Hatadi uses a dimension of time. She primarily considers it within the context of group activity and act of creation, but also as an important category in every life process.

“Being is determined as presence by time. Time and being determine each other.” (M. Heidegger) Philosophical postulates of time here question their own role and presence in the process of creation. The unstoppable flow of time, of which Tea reminds us in the sound installation Tonski prijelaz, is recorded as a memory of life and artistic achievements and collecting of the past. Confronting with ephemerality, recording of memories, remembering of important moments and their evaluation inevitably raises the question of effects and achievements in that time. The look back and hindsight offer the evaluation of the achieved and the analysis of the planned. Could it have been done better and in some other way? Is the time slipping away, while we are only halfway through? The journey is uncertain, the planned trip is far away, and train has just started to speed up.”(…)

Ksenija Barunica